Stayover by Ausco

Stayover by Ausco redefines resource worker accommodation

Worker accommodation in most resource areas can seem as stark as the work site. Workers begin to feel like they are never off the clock. Australia's Stayover by Ausco villages are distinctively different. From personalised service to pleasing aesthetics, our residents feel more like privileged guests than hired hands. After a tough shift, residents can look forward to a welcoming atmosphere in resort-style settings. With a long history of improving village standards, Stayover by Ausco continuously refines – and redefines remote workforce living.

Whether you need to book a single night or an entire village to house your workforce, you can relax with Stayover by Ausco. Our award-winning experts ensure your experience is exceptional. From planning and design to construction and management, every aspect of your accommodation is our priority. As a pioneer in modular village development, we deliver customised solutions – swiftly, flexibly and affordably. With consummate expertise and in a collaborative spirit, we provide you the ultimate in safety, comfort and healthy lifestyle solutions.

Stayover by Ausco’s network of key regional and remote locations includes: Chinchilla, Dalby, Blackwater and Dysart in Queensland; Muswellbrook in New South Wales; Karratha and Morawa in Western Australia and Darwin in the Northern Territory. Whether booking an existing site, planning an expansion or building a brand new village, our experts are ready to help with optimal locations for all your current and future needs.

Worker accommodation for the discerning resource professional

Worker accommodation in conventional resource camps feels too often confining. But in Stayover by Ausco villages, the overall quality and variety of lifestyle keep clients and workers coming back. Guests value the refined residential ambience, which is thoughtfully integrated with the local community. From private ensuited rooms to modern recreation areas, from spacious dining rooms to accessible parking areas, our villages are laid out for custom convenience, comfort and ease.

Sustainably built, architecturally pleasing and furnished with every amenity, Stayover by Ausco’s ground-breaking infrastructures are a year-round oasis. Around the clock, our onsite staff are ready with down to earth hospitality and dedicated service. Run with traditional hotelier principles and backed by a national team of experts, each location is focused on being the premier worker accommodation

Relax while we make you feel at home

Worker accommodation made to feel like home is the domain of Stayover by Ausco. For over 50 years we have been working side by side with resource professionals, setting new standards in village living all across Australia. With an intimate knowledge of mining and energy sectors, we are ready to ramp up your worry-free worker accommodation.

Contact Stayover by Ausco on 1300 730 630 – or click here to view ways we can best serve you for your next stayover.




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