The Stayover Model

Stayover by Ausco (otherwise known as Build, Own, Operate or BOO) plays an integral role in delivering responsive, high quality workforce accommodation solutions to resource-intensive areas and infrastructure hubs. From a broader community perspective, our purpose-built facilities help to ease demand pressures for housing and other types of accommodation that exist within many burgeoning regional centres.

Bringing our villages to life - cutting schedules without cutting corners 

Stayover by Ausco is guided by the flexible overarching BOO Model which was pioneered by Ausco Modular, one of Australia’s largest manufacturers and installers of remote and regional accommodation.

It’s a solution which offers multiple benefits, including allowing our customers to focus on their core operational activities, but significantly, also preserving the working capital of our clients meaning that these funds can be diverted into other important activities.  

Ausco Modular’s BOO Model is quite unique in its application. It consists of six specific lifecycle stages:

Design Engineering & design that is individual to each customer, project and geographic requirements. We are also conscious of the requirements of other stakeholders such as local communities and government authorities.
Develop Turnkey land development including bulk civil earthworks, infrastructure, service installation & connections.
Build The manufacture and installation of modular and site-constructed building components.
Own Stayover by Ausco has the ability to fund development costs via existing facilities.
Operate A holistic approach to village management which incorporates catering, housekeeping, cleaning & janitorial, reception and reservations
Maintain Ongoing preventative maintenance of grounds, services and facilities.