Quality, Health, Safety & Environment


Ausco Modular ensures that Quality is integral to the success of the business and is a shared responsibility of all our employees, contractors and subcontractors.

Furthermore, Ausco Modular continually audits its systems and processes both internally and externally to ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of our Quality Management System.

Non-conformances and opportunities for improvement are a vital tool in identifying process changes and continuous improvement to the entire system and are widely encouraged within Ausco Modular.

Health, Safety and the Environment

The management and staff of Ausco Modular and Stayover by Ausco are committed to providing an operating environment that controls any exposure to health, safety and environmental issues. We focus on identifying assessing and controlling risks and hazards.

We are committed to:

  • Engaging in dialogue with our employees and contractors in many forms to keep health and safety core to their work approach and to seek their input and feedback for a safer workplace.  Measures are employed to gauge performance and continual improvement
  • Continuous improvement in OHS and Environmental performance and prevention of incidents and injuries and the minimising of pollution.
  • Establishing and maintaining an Integrated Management System that addresses OHS and environmental matters.
  • Compliance with all relevant legislation and regulations relating to OHS and the environment, in addition to any other relevant industry codes of practice, guidance notes and best practice guidelines

Ausco Modular’s safety and environmental performance record far exceeds industry benchmarks. Ausco Modular has also been recognised by our customers as delivering major accommodation projects with significant man hours free from incident and injury.

Ausco Modular believes it can contribute in delivering the above as business outcomes in a planned, sustainable manner that will result in key financial and integration benefits for the local community.