Stayover by Ausco is heavily founded on the commitment to integrate with the local community in a mutually beneficial way. We aim to apply the key principals of creating reciprocal use of, and egress to, local facilities; a commitment to local employment; a sense of independent living; and, an active involvement in community calendars and activities.

We liaise closely with local communities and regional councils to ensure there is optimal contribution and participation by our villages and guests with the neighbouring communities. This approach creates a community where quality accommodation is attached to a sense of place that allows residents to feel ‘at home’.

There are four core ways Stayover by Ausco interacts with our surrounding communities.

  • Employing local people,
  • Utilising local trades and services,
  • Promoting local businesses and other operators,
  • Directly supporting community groups and other associations through donations and other financial contributions.

If you would like to know more or are interested in participating, please Contact Us.